16 Caterer Questions

Tisdell Events • May 9, 2018

TE 16 Caterer Questions:

The most obvious question of course is how much will it cost.  However, even this question has many layers…. Not only must you be aware of the total cost for budget’s sake but you must also know what fees they charge, is gratuity included, and exactly what their services include. I was once hired as a Day-of Coordinator  where the Bride thought the venue supplied plates and the venue assumed the caterer she hired supplied the plates…which equaled Tisdell Events solving the plate problem….it happens – so never assume.

Another great question to ask your caterer is must we pay for a set minimum number of meals no matter how many guests show up? This is important because I have yet to see 100% of the guests you invite actually attend the event. I typically advise clients to start with the minimum and increase the head count as RSVPs come in. There is usually still a little overage but a lot less then pre-paying for 150 plates and only 120 guests attend.

I have a list of 16 questions to ask your caterer. If you are interested in this free list then please email me at shanta@tisdellevents.com

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