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Engagement Day – Valentine Day

Tisdell Events •   February 14, 2018

TE Bride boasts the following pre-engagement statistics:

94% of couples discussed marriage before getting engaged.
30% talked about getting engaged at least 1x per week, if not more frequently
43% talked about getting engaged at least 1x per month

This leads me to believe that the actual proposal is never really a surprise…. Hopefully how it happens is a thoughtful process with an element of surprise but we (mom, sisters, BFFs, and our workout partner at the gym) are all expecting it. If THE day wasn’t Thanksgiving Day and there was no bling under the Christmas tree then he must be waiting for …. Valentine Day, right?

So ladies this post is mostly for your beau…. Wait! You can’t share this with him directly but perhaps it can magically appear in his FB feed. Before I move on to tips for a successful Valentine Day proposal I only have one to-do list item for you – get a manicure today – don’t be caught off guard!

Despite the challenges of Valentine’s Day proposals, it can still be a romantic and memorable time for a couple to share as they pledge to spend their lives together. The key to the perfect Valentine’s Day engagement is to make it unique and meaningful. Here are a few tips for the soon to be groom that is ready to put a ring on it:

  • Flowers: Instead of choosing the ever popular roses to accompany the marriage proposal, use a bouquet of more exotic and beautiful blooms, particularly if her favorite flower is something other than a rose.
  • Romantic Getaway: Propose on vacation by booking a weekend trip near Valentine’s Day. A short cruise; a stay in a quaint bed and breakfast; or a luxurious getaway to an all-inclusive couples resort are perfect options.
  • Surprises: Opt for a surprise proposal that is more customized and exciting. Does she have a favorite song, food, place, person, or animal? How can you incorporate something/one dear to her heart into your proposal? Be creative
  • Symbolism: Incorporate the symbolism of Valentine’s Day into the proposal with a heart shaped diamond engagement ring, or engrave the ring with a sweet sentiment such as “You will always be my Valentine?”
  • Privacy: Keep the proposal private and meaningful by choosing to pop the question in a significant place, such as where you first met or where you first kissed, instead of the latest romantic hot spot in town.

If you follow these suggestions, you’re sure to pull off the perfect Valentine’s Day proposal. Finish off the evening celebrating your new engagement with friends and family – cause we have all been waiting – no pressure! Let us know all about your Valentine proposals here.


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