Choosing a Caterer

Tisdell Events • May 2, 2018

TE Last week, I shared that your catering budget allocation is roughly 27% of your total budget. Now that you have a budget, finally, it is time to start shopping but where do you start?

I suggest starting with recommendations from weddings you have attended – especially if the one thing you remember is how good the smoked salmon was.

Next choose 3 of these recommendations and narrow them down to 1 by how closely they are able to accommodate your style . For example, if you want an omelet station then choosing a caterer that boasts about their fresh seafood may be counterproductive to your goal.

Lastly, ask to see sample menus and schedule a tasting of the exact food that you desire. During the tasting be sure to observe and judge both the visual and taste aspects of the food presentation because that is exactly what your guests will do on the day-of.

There are other factors to consider such as time of day, size of venue kitchen, and more. Email your specific questions ot

Together let’s create something memorable!

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