Mitzvah Planning

Tisdell Events •   January 17, 2018

TE Unlike most social events the planning for the Mitzvah celebration starts 3 years in advance but starting early isn’t a guarantee for stress free planning. Organization is the key to the stress free planning of a memorable and meaningful event. Today I will share 5 ways to help you create and maintain organization:

  1. Consider the feeling of your event.
    1. Do you desire an elegant event or a laid back affair?
    2. Will you have a theme?
    3. Will it be large and grand or small and intimate?
  2. Establish a firm budget.
    1. Knowing your budget is paramount.
    2. Shop first for your must haves and then fill in others items baaed on your priority list
  3. Interview vendors for the major portions of your Mitzvah
    1. Ask for referrals
    2. I know of great event planner!
  4. Include your child in the process.
    1. The Mitzvah is in honor of the child and should reflect their personality.
  5. Communicate often with your vendors
    1. Things change often during the planning phase – be sure to keep your vendors abreast of all changes.

Follow these very simple steps and you will be well on your way to a Memorable Experience!

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