Does the Invitation Design Matter?

Tisdell Events • May 30, 2018

TE The invitation will set the tone for your wedding and it starts with the envelope. The invites should be consistent with the feel of the entire wedding. It not only provides the specific details of your wedding but it makes a bold statement and its energy extends beyond the high quality paper and textural elements so its reader feels your presence. The luxury invitation is a reflection of the couple’s personalities, style and wedding design and it communicates that your wedding was planned with precision and elegance and the guest must do the same.

So, remember as you design your invitation you aren’t simply relaying information but you are expressing yourself and sharing your heart through words, color, design and art. Your invitation will speak your desires and emanate the essence of your wedding day so design them with purpose and love and others will feel it.

Next week I will discuss how to deliver your labor of love. Need help with your invitations? Contact me here to learn more about my ala carte services such as invitation design!

Together let’s create something memorable!

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