Managing RSVPs

Tisdell Events • June 20, 2018

TE When managing your RSVPs there are only a few items to check off and a few bonus tips for good measure.

  1. Be Specific. Let your guests know exactly how to RSVP and what your RSVP deadline is. If you are collecting RSVPs by snail mail, set the RSVP deadline 2 weeks before you actually need the responses to arrive.
  2. Give Options. Make it easy for your guests by giving them permission to RSVP in the manner that they prefer: online, email, and text messages are easiest for some, while mailing in an RSVP card might feel more comfortable for an older relative.

Snail mail bonus hint: If you’re using snail mail RSVP cards, make sure you include a pre-addressed and pre-stamped return envelope with adequate postage. Also, on the card, provide an alternative method to RSVP. That will help the busy guest who discovers the RSVP card in her “to do” pile five days after the RSVP deadline!

  1. Stay Organized. As the RSVPs start to roll in, make sure they are captured in one place so that you know both who has and who has not RSVPed, as well what their special needs are. If you’re not using a RSVP service to capture, organize, and tally your responses then start a guest list and RSVP spreadsheet and continually update it.

Snail mail bonus hint: If you are sending paper RSVP cards in your invitations, number each one lightly on the back in pencil and mark down what number card goes with what guest or household on your spreadsheet. You’d be amazed at the number of cards that are returned without a name on them, and this will make things much easier to track.

4. Follow Up: Your guests are busy people and although you are thinking about your wedding day and night, they are not, and that is okay. Many of your guests will need a gentle reminder that the RSVP deadline is coming up. Email is a great way to reach out to them

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