How to Choose a Mitzvah Service Project

Tisdell Events • February 7, 2018

TE Many synagogues require the bar/bat mitzvah student to complete a service project as part of their mitzvah preparation. Mitzvah means commandment and the Torah has 613 mitzvahs. To help make this rite of passage meaningful as well as to cement the mitzvah on their heart the student is required to research a mitzvah and complete a service project in the spirit of that mitzvah. It’s easy to choose anything simply to check the box but taking time to access the unique interest and abilities of your mitzvah student will pay dividends as they transition into being an active adult in their community. Choosing a mitzvah project that will be both beneficial and meaningful to the community and the mitzvah student starts with a few questions:

  1. What is your mitzvah student good at?
  2. What does your mitzvah student like to do?
  3. What social circumstance causes your mitzvah student to get very angry and want to do impact that situation?
  4. Why not?

Answering the questions above will help you to guide your mitzvah student to a service project that utilizes their unique talents and interest to serve others and connect their mitzvah celebration to a life of service!

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