Post Wedding Etiquette

Tisdell Events • June 27, 2018

TE Most people dread writing…well just about anything and in a world of texting who has time to actually write. However, thank you cards are the exception to our use of modern technology. Yes, that is correct, I forbid you to text, type (even if its on good stationary), email or God forbid post your thank you cards on social media.

Calm down and just do it! Properly thank the guests that bought you presents and/or traveled to be with you on your wedding day. Remember anyone can write a generic “thanks” so take time to make it personal. Here’s the thing: the longer you wait to send out your thank you cards, the longer and more eloquent they should be written.  If you are speedy and get a short thank you card out within two weeks of the wedding date, that short note looks a lot better than if it was received 4 months later. That said you have 3 months (and this is really too late) to get your handwritten thank you cards in the mail.

Don’t forget to include close family and friends (think Mom – yes she knows you are grateful…mail her a card too), your vendors, and your wedding attendants should all be included.  And if you have the propensity to be a Brideszilla then please send your vendors a handwritten card AND a Starbucks card and maybe you won’t read a blog post about yourself in the near future! Enjoy your weekend and remember wedding planning can be fun and stress free – email me at for my stress free planning guide to learn how.

Together let’s create something memorable!

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