What’s My Catering Budget?

Tisdell Events • April 25, 2018

TE Now that you and your honey have painted a picture of your ideal wedding and you know your catering style let’s get ready to shop. If you followed my budget series then you will recall that shopping only occurs AFTER you have allocated monies to the catering budget.

So is there a magic number for catering? Of course! The magic number is 27% of your total budget should be allotted to food and drink. The average wedding cost roughly $30K which would give you a little over $8K to play with for food. Next week, I will offer a few tips on how to choose a caterer.

Here are a few things to consider when budgeting for catering:

  1. All good parties include good food….so choose your caterer wisely!
  2. This is one of your largest wedding expenses and the one item that many couples usually don’t get to enjoy on their wedding day. Tisdell Events builds into the timeline a private dinner for the couple so you eat more than this on the day-of:
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