Your Wedding Catering Guide

Tisdell Events • April 18, 2018

TE “Before you meet with a single caterer, you and your fiancé should discuss the level of formality you desire for your reception,” says Eileen Livers, author of The Unofficial Guide to Planning Your Wedding (MacMillan, 1999). Most couples choose a plated or buffet styled reception but there are no set rules when it comes to catering.

Remember the goal of your wedding planning is to create an event that represents you as a couple. I suggest asking yourselves 2 questions to get this conversation started:

  1. What do you want your wedding to feel like?
  2. What adjectives would you use to describe your ideal wedding?

After brainstorming about these 2 questions you should end the conversation with a clear idea of the type catering options needed for your big day. If this exercise brings more questions than it answers then I am happy to share some of the unique things I have seen and offer suggestions for you based on your brainstorming!

Over the next few weeks I will share with you the catering budget percentage, catering selections, and 16 questions for your caterer.

Enjoy your brainstorming session and contact me if you get stuck!

Together let’s create something memorable!

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